Going to Great Heights for the Shot

Sometimes you need to gain a little ground to get the right angle for a shot – it could mean climbing a ladder or a hill or even, as in the case of shooting a twilight elevation, building scaffolding. Twilight shots typically need a stable platform for a tripod, as the shutter speeds can be up to ten seconds long. You can strap a tripod down to a ladder, but in the end, building a platform proved to be the best way to get the image that we needed.

Summer Fun-0996 _TUMBLR

Listen to the Victrola

We arrived to the intimate Montana wall tent with a Victrola playing “When the Harvest Moon is Shining” in the background, a light summer breeze and crisp mountain views. In this idyllic setting it was hard to get up off on the vintage hickory chairs and return to the real world of work and digital commotion.

Sony_American Rustic-0591 _TUMBLR

Discovering a Hidden Gem in New Mexico

It takes a load  of time, patience, phone calls and site visits to gather enough material for a 208 page book. Chase and I rely on our friends and colleagues for insights and invitations to explore a wide range of remarkable and unique homes. Thanks to artist and designer, Susan Stella, we found and were able to include a hidden gem in New Mexico to our collection of incredible places for American Rustic!

Pete and Deborah Santa Fe-3485 _TUMBLR

Welcome to American Rustic

AMERICAN RUSTIC is a fresh, contemporary take on rustic design as it is being manifested in America today by a number of leading practitioners of the style. From a lakeside compound in the East to a southwestern casita to a historic-preservation and land-conservation project on the West Coast, and including a number of mountain homes, the work will showcase a variety of approaches and interpretations. A traditional dude-ranch- inspired interior anchors one end of a rustic spectrum whose manifestations range from the whimsical to the more contemporary but are consistently highly original and meticulously crafted, thoughtfully conceived, sensitively sited and beautifully executed. As is only appropriate with homes built in America’s most stunning natural landscapes, each project featured considers sense of place its starting point.

Sony_American Rustic-0527 _TUMBLR